Friday, April 3, 2009

About the Editors

Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. Burt Bacharach likes Big Buck Hunter, all Dallas BBQ establishments, Spaghetti Cat, eating Chinese food and drinking an Arnold Palmer while hungover leading to vomiting, and all things relating to reality television. Dislikes include people whose interests include "being happy and smiling," Natalie Portman, people making devil horns in pictures, and long lines outside bars.

Harvey's Mom enjoys any and all medical shows (documentary or drama), long walks on the beach, gourmet cooking, spontaneous human combustion and R. Kelly. She dislikes Sean Penn, people who don't respect others' personal space, rain delays at baseball games, and the French.

Nora Diniro's interests include seeing people fall over or trip, being smiley and happy, and reveling in the knowledge that she was once cool. Dislikes include pants with writing on the ass, the establishment, going to a bar and standing there like an asshole, and people over the age of 25 who think that they are still cool.

Bob Wiley is your classic neurotic. Likes include psychoanalysis, uncontrollable derisive laughter, loitering at Barnes and Noble, and consciousness raising. Dislikes include crowded supermarkets, small furry animals of any kind, people who are intolerant of other peoples' cultures, and the Dutch.

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