Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Because You Care...DEEPLY

Weekend in Review

I just wanted to let everyone know the answers to the two questions that were on everyone’s minds. 1.) Harvey’s Mom did not go on the mechanical bull drunk this weekend. We didn’t make it to the Lower East Side because we had to do field work. You’re welcome. There was also an excuse mentioned about having no pants. I will leave that alone. Soon, very soon, it will happen and there will be pics. Naughty ones.

2.) Yes, we did go to San Loco!! H &M tried to get a sangria for both of us, I had to stop her. No, I did not eat the paper on the taco but instead ordered a catfish burrito, none of which I ate. I also threw up several times on the street afterward. P.S. San Loco is now serving brunch!! This way you can drink and vomit first thing in the morning. Tell them the drunken girl with puke on her jeans sent you!


  1. I would like to point out that I ate San Loco SOBER on Sunday, and that I enjoyed every bite. Actually, it was subpar at best, and I think I need to see a gastroenterologist.

  2. Harvey's Mom - if that mechanical bull thing doesn't happen soon, you run the risk of losing your street cred. But I'd recommend seeing the gastroenterologist first or else some SERIOUS weekend douche could occur, the kind of thing that turns into an urban legend a few years down the line.

  3. 1. Perhaps the bull will be ridden in assless chaps? That might make it interesting.

    2. Maybe we could all go to San Loco for brunch next Sunday? That might be fun, wouldn't it? If not, I will just stand outside LGMBB's apartment all day until I see one of you. What do you think of that, haters?

  4. ummm, if you stand outside my house I swear to fuck's christ I will spray you with a garden hose until you leave. Creep.