Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mystery Douche

A few months ago I went to a professional networking event with Harvey's Mom and LGMBB, which would have been comedy without this douchy incident occurring. We had literally been there for 88 seconds after getting our first drink when a gentleman approached us. He was a little overly enthusiastic and one of those kids that is nice but just painful to talk to. However, my friends and myself are nice people so we let him engage us in conversation. After the usual five minutes of exchanging biographical info, he looked at myself and LGMBB and said "Have you guys ever heard of the friendship test?" Choking back laughter, I shook my head no. He said "Would you guys ever share tooth paste?" Through laughter, we both nodded yes. He said that we were true friends, not because we had the same answer but because we looked at each other before answering.

What this well meaning douche didn't realize is that LGMBB and I looked at each other because we watched the show "The Pickup Artist" and read the book "The Game," which is word for word where the friendship test came from, as a method for picking up women. Hopefully men will realize that women do sometimes read male-oriented material and that in fact, pulling a quarter out of our ear would be more impressive.

Editors Note- Two weeks later another line from "The Game" was used on Nora at a bar in the East Village. She is starting to think there is something about her that screams bumpkin.


  1. Totally ridiculous...you know, I had a guy use a line on me from this last summer. He told me that his neighbors just got two puppies and wanted to name them after an 80s pop duo. The kid I was with suggested Hall & Oats. I thought Nelson would be a better choice. Like, they would have to go everywhere together because collectively they would be known as "Nelson"

  2. Mel,

    That comment about them being known "collectively" at Nelson was HILARIOUS. As was the story.