Friday, April 3, 2009

Premise/Legal Stuff is premised on the idea that stories from individuals documenting their own experiences with partying too much are hilarious. Therefore, we rely on e-mails from our visitors and their friends. Though we do promise to protect your privacy and safety, we cannot promise that the material you submit to us will be posted at all or posted in its exact form, as we retain the right to post material at our discretion. Trust us, we know something inappropriate when we see it. We wrote the book on inappropriate. Likely if your post is tweaked, it will be for anonymity purposes. We will credit you by first name and last initial, or by any alias you give. If you do not want to be credited, let us know. Stories and pictures should be sent to We will do our best to read all submissions and post everything we can, but please remember we are a lean operation i.e. only a couple of douches. Upon your submission, please remember that your story or picture becomes our property and that you are stating that you have rights to the material. If you don't, please let us know upfront so we can decide whether posting someone else's content is worth the risk. You don't want us to get sued do you?

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