Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Subway Stories

So I was taking the train home the other night when a mildly drunk woman in her 40s sat down next to me.  Apparently she had a case of the sniffles, and decided to take off her hoodie and use it to blow her nose.  (I'm not taking about using the sleeve, or the outer part, she opened it up and used the inside of it.  Maybe the material was softer?)  Well, about 2 minutes later, what with the air conditioning on the subway being on full-blast, I guess she got chilly.  I think you know what happened next, bitch actually put the hoodie on. 

See any drunk idiots on the subway? Been a drunk idiot on the subway? Send your stories and pics to


  1. That'll make for some birthday present to sober up to.

  2. @ Bryan - Ha! My thoughts exactly.