Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This past Saturday marked the 54th annual Eurovision song competition, this year's pageant taking place in Moscow. Each nation puts forward a contestant or group to sing and dance their way to patriotic glory, and the entries are generally, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

It's a European tradition to celebrate Eurovision by hosting parties and drinking heavily, and we received the following submission from Dr. Dolly in Glasgow, Scotland, UK:

"My eurovision party was excellent. I drank too many ouzo shots and passed out at midnight after throwing up in a bucket. I was also wearing the flags of europe on my head and accross my breasts. The next morning i found my greek office mate in his underwear in my kitchen. Apparently after my midnight exit he and my flatmate did the ur sorry u missed it."

Thanks Dr. Dolly! You are our first international submission. It is a big, drunk world out there. International douches, send us your stories! America needs to know how you roll!

For those of you who just need to know more about Eurovision, check out my alter ego, Katie Price's, entry into the British Eurovision semifinals in 2005. To answer your questions, yes, she is wearing a Barbie pink PVC catsuit and yes, she is pregnant.

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