Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Would John Wayne Do?

This installment of drunk logic was sent to us by Jesse from Brooklyn, New York (Park Slope in this bitch!) :

About two years ago, I was out drinking one night with one of my more alcohol interested friends waiting for one of my co-workers to meet up with us. While waiting, my friend had consumed a huge amount of alcohol. After my co-worker texted he was around the corner, I decided to let my friend know that this person did not drink, to which my friend responded "John Wayne said not to trust people who don't drink. I may not be John Wayne since I am Asian, but I am with him."

Thanks Jesse for the submission! It was fantastic.

Heard anyone say anything completely ridiculous while drunk, or have you been the one to supply the witticism? Please send any submissions of Drunk Logic to

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