Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Corporate Retreat

I wanted to fill you guys in on a few of the details that Burt left out of the Team Building Exercise 1999 essay. Firstly can I mention that our rental car was a PT Cruiser? Nothing but the best for your editors. As Nora and Harvey's Mom boozed it up in the back seat, I drove and Burt was my navigator. It turned out to be the foggiest day in New York in the last 62 years, making the driving a bit scary at times (by the way I have no evidence to substantiate that claim, but work with me, I'm trying to set the mood). When we finally arrived at the douche motel, we were ready to party, meaning have some Chinese food and watch tv.

In all honesty, the weekend turned out to be less about planning and strategies for the site, and more just straight up market research. We wanted to make sure we were fully in touch with our audience, so we tried to be the best weekend douches we could be ... and succeeded!

I'd like to point out the highlight of the weekend for me: the drunken Trivial Pursuit game. I decided we should have team names. Without missing a BEAT, Harvey's Mom suggested "The Baconators" for herself and Burt. Genius! I immediately felt intimidated, knowing I'd never be able to come up with anything to rival that level of wit, but soon suggested that Nora and I could be "Bebe's Kids," and so the epic battle began. We never actually finished the game, as there was barbecue to eat and a horrendous comedy special on television to watch, where we learned that our commenter "Dane Cook is the Worst Person in the World" is spot on with his/her moniker.

I also would like to point out the biggest regret of the weekend. While Burt was on the top bunk, yours truly was on the bottom bunk, and I MISSED the elegant dismount.

We rolled back into the city on Sunday afternoon, looking rough but feeling fine. We dropped off our rental car in Manhattan and headed back to Brooklyn with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed mission, to make this the best, most hilarious website on the internet. We will make it happen!!! Thanks for sticking with us so far, all 3 of you, we really appreciate it and will continue to try our best to bring the funny.

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