Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Team Building Exercises 1999

Two weekends ago, your editors went to South Hampton for a Weekend Douche Corporate Retreat. An aside point being that we are still negotiating the tax deductability of certain expenditures. The drive to the stay was somewhat clouded by the non-negotiability of the trifling bitch at Budget Rental who would not allow me to drive. Obviously the fates stepping in to help us avert certain disaster. Bob, instead, was our fearless navigator. Our other two editors sat in the backseat and swigged vodka. You expect this.

Once at our chateau le Douche, we engaged in numerous trust building exercises, immersed ourselves with new media power point presentations, and mostly engaged in around the clock binge drinking. ( I would like to point out that I slept on a top bunk, so you could imagine my surprise that I walked away without a broken ankle) There was even some drunk trivial pursuit played.

The point I am trying to make with this little recap is that we went out there for YOU, so that we could bring you top-notch quality content each and everyday, How very selfless of us to travel all the way to the Hamptons, a luxury beach town, in order to remove ourselves from the numerous distractions of our shainty apartments in Brooklyn, in order to better brainstorm for YOU. Pure loyalty. Though our desire to give you what you need is subtle, it will haunt your dreams.

F.Y.I Above the post are action pics. from our trip. That's me, doing a trust fall! And then there is all of us, performing a trust balance. Safety First! For an exclusive list of all team building exercises performed, please visit http://www.wilderdom.com/games/TrustActivities.html

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  1. oh, so that is where you all went? I was standing outside your apartment, playing a little Savage Garden on my ipod, waiting for you to get back. I stood there for 8 hours.