Monday, June 8, 2009

This Week's Weekend Douche Brought To You By ... Chance Operations!!!

Normally the Weekend Douche weekly sponsor is chosen after a roundtable of our editors, but tonight I was struck by artistic inspiration also known as heart burn, which has rendered me incapable of sleep, so I figured I would do some light writing. In honor of our editor Harvey's Mom, who wil soon be embarking on a trip to Paris, as our first European correspondant, Chance Operations will be our sponsor. Chance Operations is very "Sprockets" from SNL, involving a word stated and then people flailing about. The whole thing seems very German.

Of particular note is that Harvey's Mom once performed a Chance Operations routine to Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out", the video of which I have still be unable to get a hold of. When it becomes available, best believe that shit will be our sponsor. FOREVER!

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