Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ultimate Weekend Douche is Back

(Photo courtesy of Dlisted)

In case you haven't been following the story as closely as I have, my alter ego, Katie Price aka Jordan, has separated with her husband, trashy Eurohunk (redundant?) Peter Andre. As sad as it is, of course, to see the dissolution of a marriage, especially since they have kids, a part of me is rejoicing because now that Katie is on the prowl, she's back to her old Jordan ways. Meaning, on a typical evening out she'll get shitfaced, feel somebody up in a bathroom, and threaten to cut a bitch. So here's to you, Katie! Douche it up for all the single ladies out there.

It seems that she's already found a new over-tanned, over-muscled Eurohunk. I really like her outfit in this photo, especially since she can't seem to walk unassisted. But who could stand up in those shoes? I feel her pain. As I myself once said outside of San Loco, "I hate these fucking shoes!"

As much as I dislike linking to Perez, this article sums up Katie's recent activity quite nicely:

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