Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When Wings Take Dreams!!!

As all 6 of our readers may be familiar with, there has been some real peer pressure for Harvey's Mom to ride the mechanical bull at Mason Dixon. I am here to tell you that with liquid courage and your friends by your side, all ridiculous ambitions can be realized!!

Harvey's Mom rode that bull in a tube dress valiantly, using those leg muscles to stay on that bucking bronco for a pretty decent amnount of time. The whole thing was very Luke Perry in "8 Seconds", or so I remember it when I watched it one 5 in the morning drunk on Cinemax. Your humble narrator also rode that bull! However, after harassing prior riders for technique, it took me about 15 minutes to get on the damn thing. But, it took me 1 second to fall off.

There are pics from the event, and as soon as we are capable of learning photoshop to have an lol cat in the place of our face, we will bring them to you! For now, please enjoy the 8 Seconds trailer I have provided. It was fairly similiar.

Editor's Note: This morning I was having computer trouble and had to call the IT people. They went on my desktop and saw my pics that we post on the site. All at once I heard silence on the other side of the line, then uproarious laughter, then was asked " Why do you have so many pictures of Damn Yankees on your desktop?" Don't ever say I wasn't dedicated.

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